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Coach, Caretaker and Player Code of Conduct

The following guidelines indicate the type of conduct expected from all coaches, players, spectators and participants at Acton Boxborough Youth Baseball (ABYB) complexes. The members of the ABYB Board of Directors thank you in advance for your compliance.

Coaching and caretaking is a high-visibility role that influences how athletes conduct themselves—during this baseball season, and for their entire lives. It's a big responsibility. When competition gets heated or things are going wrong, we sometimes forget that it’s all about the kids having fun and developing their skills and sportsmanship.

ABYB strives to ensure that the coach/caretaker influence is a positive one that helps to maximize player development - physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Besides knowing how to coach and care for a baseball player effectively, there's another role ABYB requires of you: Role Model.

This year we want every one of our coaches - head coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers, caretakers and players to know going into this season that ABYB expects you to uphold certain high ideals of sportsmanship during practices and games, and whenever representing and participating in ABYB Baseball.

Coaches, caretakers, volunteers, and players must:

·        Exemplify honesty, integrity, and fair play no matter what the impact might be on the outcome of the game.

·        Honor the spirit and the letter of the rules. Promote sportsmanship over gamesmanship. In other words, winning is not everything.

·        Not engage in or allow trash talk, taunting, or behaviors that demean players on your team, players or representatives on opposing teams, officials, or the game of baseball.

·        Not engage in or permit profanity or obscene gestures.

·        Not use physical or psychological intimidation or verbal abuse toward anyone.

·        Control your emotions. Displaying anger and frustration sends the wrong messages to all and undermines the integrity of baseball.

Coaches must:

·        Treat all game officials with respect. Don't complain or argue with an umpire's calls. If there's a disagreement, take a time-out and bring it to the umpire's attention in a respectful and calm manner. If you have larger complaints about officiating, direct them to the respective ABYB Division Coordinator or Umpire Coordinator.

·        Discuss with your team the importance of sportsmanship and good character, and hold them to your expectations of zero tolerance of poor sportsmanship.

·        Make sure neither your players nor parents taunt, badger or ridicule an umpire or opposing player. How you deal with game officials and opposing team members sets the tone for how they will. Don't indulge in conduct that may incite players or spectators against officials or the other team.

·        Treat your players with respect and dignity and require them to treat each other, opposing players, coaches, officials and caretakers with respect.

·        Control the atmosphere of the game. If a parent or spectator from your side is taunting an umpire or opposing team coach or player, you have the responsibility to talk to the spectator. Inform the spectator that they are not doing your team any favors with the exemplified behavior and that this person(s) is breaking league rules.

·        Remember the expected standard: Victory with honor, defeat with dignity. Chances are good we'll all win some and lose some this season. Try to do both the right way--for the players’ sake. You will likely not need to teach the kids how to win, but they will likely need some help in accepting defeat.

The ABYB Board of Directors appreciates all the hard work and long hours our volunteer coaches contribute to our baseball program and to our players. We also appreciate caretaker involvement and enthusiasm, as well as player participation. We endeavor to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to sportsmanship of the highest order and are relying upon all who participate to ensure we meet our commitment.

IMPORTANT: If you witness or are party to violations of the Code of Conduct Standards, please contact the respective Division Coordinator or ABYB Board Member. ABYB will investigate any violations and, depending on severity, case by case, refer them to the ABYB Conduct Review Committee for resolution.


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